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Acceptance into Chapman University

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Hello! I have been accepted into Chapman University, and I just wanted to reach out and ask:
who else has been accepted?
what you have heard about the program? 
is there an Open House for admitted students?

I am seriously considering attending, but I would like to learn more about the program. If there are current grad students who would like to chime in as well that would be much appreciated. Thanks :D

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Hi there SLP2B2020,

I was accepted too!
I have heard good things from the  people I've spoken to in person about the program  - however I have seen some mixed reviews on the grad boards.
I just called the school to ask about an Open House. This will be in early April but they are still confirming time and date.....

I'd love to hear from any current students too....

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Hi! I was also accepted at Chapman and would love to hear more about it! I can't make it to the open house, but if either of you go and don't mind sharing your thoughts, that would be amazing! 

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I was accepted too and have already committed to attending! I cannot go to the open house but I know a lot of great information about the program and fell in love with it. Feel free to message me for info!

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