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  1. Hi there, Has anyone heard anything from this program? It was the hybrid online-inperson at the El Segundo location? The advisors that I spoke with at ASHA had no idea it was happening. I saw another thread somewhere saying they rotate the location between CA and Oregon. Just wondering if it really is happening......Feels like a ply to take my money at this point.
  2. Hi there SLP2B2020, I was accepted too! I have heard good things from the people I've spoken to in person about the program - however I have seen some mixed reviews on the grad boards. I just called the school to ask about an Open House. This will be in early April but they are still confirming time and date..... I'd love to hear from any current students too....
  3. Thanks. I did get an email confirming I was rejected. I have been accepted other places so I have a place to go!
  4. Did anyone get waitlist from Boulder? Just wondering if I should still hope for that or wait to received my rejection since they sent out admission invites...
  5. I just received a request to interview for Chapman and didn't receive any list of questions? Did they email that to you?
  6. How nerve wracking! How were your GRE scores that they asked you to do this? What sort of question did they ask you? Was it situational? I didn't apply here but I am so nervous reading these boards where interviewees are tested on their knowledge!
  7. What was the interview like for Chapman? Was there a writing component? I was hoping to get an interview there but haven't heard anything....
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