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CMU MCDS(Systems) vs GaTech MSCS


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Hey everyone, I've recently got admits at CMU MCDS (systems track) and Georgia Tech MSCS.

  • I want to do mostly systems courses, especially OS, and am not into ML/AI.
  • I'm trying to keep both prospects of job/PhD open which makes it hard to decide - by this I mean at the moment I will be going down the job path (related to systems), but I do not want to completely cut off the possibility of a PhD, so if I get a chance to do some research that would help me in the future then it would be great.
  • I do not want to decide purely based on brand name (CMU) or fees (GaTech) but I find myself falling back on these two criteria all the time. Hoping for a more holistic outlook from others.

Could anyone provide their opinion as to which they would pick and why? TIA 1f642.png:

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