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M.S. in Biostat at Umich or Stat at Purdue to eventually pursue a Ph.D.


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I recently received admission offers from U of Michigan's MS in Biostatistics program and  Purdue's Statistics program, and I'm having trouble deciding between the two!

I plan to pursue a Ph.D. after graduation. Both programs have pros and cons, and it is tough to reach a decision. For example, the U of Michigan's Ph.D. in Biostatistics highly prefer their own MS students and has a higher ranking. While Purdue allows MS students, who wish to transfer to the Ph.D. program take the qualifying exams. I don't have a  clear research interest yet. Will an MS or Ph.D. in Biostatistics narrow my choice in the future?  I'm leaning towards Purdue since I am more interested in working in IT industry.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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