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U of Pitt - Wasn't invited to the welcome weekend before being admitted?

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I have a bit of a conundrum that I'd like someone's opinion on. I applied to the Pitt program in Communication way back in December, and was quickly reached out to by a professor (late January) who expressed an interest in my application, basically saying that they were keenly interested in my application and were trying as hard as they could to get me in, etc. I email them back the next day, but the next time I hear from them is when I get my notice of acceptance only a couple of days ago. The letter mentions a welcome weekend event that I was never invited to.

Should I be concerned about this? Could it be that I was waitlisted but never told? I really like their program, but it seems like a red flag that they either don't want me there very badly, or that they would let me know with just over two weeks to decide. Perhaps there are current Pitt students who've had a similar thing happen? Help! 

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I would suggest going into the archives of the results forums and see when they usually send out acceptances for the program you applied for.  If they usually send it out in January, then yes, you probably got waitlist-upgraded.  If they usually send out in late March, they probably are just slow. :)


But even if you were waitlist upgraded, from what I've learned on this forum is that even if you were upgraded off a wait list, it doesn't matter.  The program will likely still treat you respectfully, honor your research, etc.  So I don't know that I'd let that stop me from going to the Welcome Weekend if you can, and going there if it's a good fit.  You're also likely to meet a lot of other existing students, and you can probably find someone you can ask there.

Congratulations on your admittance!

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Really try not to be disheartened about being a waitlist, it's a stigma that shouldn't exist and once you're in the program, honestly no one cares who was first pick or not. You will not be judged differently. There's also no way for anyone to know you were waitlisted. Just look at the program for the aspects that drew you to apply to it, and see if you'll be comfortable there for quite a few years. Also, request for skype interviews, just remind them that you were not at the Welcome Week and would like to meet some people to have a more informed decision. Immediately reach out to the professor that showed interests, they probably were a strong ally to you on the admissions committee.

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