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Preparing for entering grad school, and one question I have is as follows:  I have a new grad school e-mail address, yet I am cautious to login for the first time because there are indications that hackers have access to my current laptop and perhaps other devices.   So, I plan to get new devices for grad school e-mails and such. However, part of the reason I was hacked, I belivee, is because I used my undergrad school e-mail. How can I maximize grad e-mail account security this time around? I would be willing to change my password weekly, but the problem is, once a hacker gets into a computer, they can keep accessing the new passwords as they update.  Please help!  



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You could turn on BitLocker for your machine and use a complex password. I don't think you need to change it weekly; I work for a tech company with highly confidential information and we only change our passwords every 90 days. You can set a reminder for yourself to change your password routinely. You can try a password manager like LastPass to manage them, if you'd like.

The IT department at your new university can help you figure out good security practices, too.

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I'm not an IT expert but getting entirely new devices seems like overkill unless you're getting tracked by the NSA.   I imagine a factory wipe of your computer would work just fine. I second juilletmercredi's recommendation of a password manager. I like KeePass personally.

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