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Waiting on a wait list to make my decision


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I was waitlisted for funding at my top choice but have an offer for full funding somewhere else.  I really liked my visit at the school with full funding and know I'll be happy there if I don't end up getting funded at the other school...  But I still really want to go to my top choice. They said I was near the top of the list but there is no guarantee I'll have an answer before April 15th..  How long do I wait?? Anyone else in a similar boat?  

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Pretty similar - in at my second choice school and the program is great and would set me up super well for future research, but I really think I would be happier at my top school where I'm waitlisted. The wait sucks so much and I'm so scared I won't know either way before April 15th.

My plan if I don't know on April 15 is to commit to my second choice school and pull my app from the waitlist. Once I decide I want to decide and not go back on my decision. Some people mentioned asking for extensions on deciding from the school you were accepted at, but idk for me that feels like too much. I just want to be done.  

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1 hour ago, Statsfan15 said:

@Sparkybob I also still have 2 schools I haven't heard anything at all from... I'm just assuming they are rejections at this point. I emailed the departments and didn't get a response. 

Yea I think sadly those are rejections :/. I have a couple of schools for that too. But I feel if you really want to go to your top school then wait until the last possible moment. You owe it to yourself to see what happens. 

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