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59 minutes ago, Stephanie022594 said:

Yeah, same! How strange. Maybe this is a good thing! haha

That's a good way to look at it! Hopefully we get an email on April 16th with an update and we don't have to sit around waiting

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3 hours ago, slpblonde15 said:

I'm on the waitlist for here too! I really want to hear something soon!

Same!! its stinks not being able to contact them. Do you know anything about their waitlist from the past? I wish i had intel, but i dont

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7 hours ago, slpblonde15 said:

Did everyone get the email this morning that they anticipate making offers from the waitlist "within the next week or so"? I thought it sounded promising, maybe we will even hear before the end of this week! Best of luck to you all :)

I received the email as well and was thinking the same thing!!! It really gives me hope!! Good luck everyone!!

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My situation was actually different. I applied last year and got accepted to SMC but I rejected their offer and went with one of the other schools I got accepted to. The school I committed to was way too expensive and I realized I didn't want to drown in student debt once I was done so after talking to SMC, they actually rolled over the acceptance I received the prior year to this coming fall!

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