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UCLA MS vs TAMU M.Eng (Mechanical Engineering)


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Hi! I am an undergraduate student from India, with UCLA MS and TAMU M.Eng admits. I earnestly request seniors and people who have a sound knowledge in this matter to please help me decide between the two university admits that I have shortlisted, with respect to job prospects, return on investment and possibilities of financial aid. I mainly look to work after Masters.

Please don't blindly comment UCLA based on ranking. It would be of great help if you comment the reason when polling, as financial constraint is my main concern. I can afford something around 65000$ over two years, and I lead a very simple lifestyle (no expenses on parties, lavish apartments etc). Also, I have heard that i20 amount is overpriced, hence I would like to know how much does one actually end up spending (as a percentage of the university-estimated i20 amount)?

Its kind of urgent, so please respond asap.Thanks in advance.

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