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Acceptance from X university for new master's program, but no communication/response since

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Three weeks ago I was accepted through notification email referring me to X's online portal, which had an acceptance letter from the Graduate School of Admissions. I was quite excited as X is a good school with a great reputation, and the program seems like a great fit for me on paper. However, this program will only be 1 year old this Fall, so I was hoping to get more insight into the development of the program and its vision.

I have emailed the generic 'info@' address and the director of the program, along with follow-ups and have yet to receive a single piece of communication from the program itself.

I have gotten in touch with a professor and current student, but wanted to ask your opinions on if it is common for admitted students to expect informative communication post acceptance and pre-enrollment.

Thanks in advance.

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13 hours ago, Entangled Phantoms said:

No it is not. They have you (or at least your committment). You'll get a brochure at new student orientation. But yeah, it's over. Relax.

Thanks for the response. Just to add to my initial post, I'm trying to make a decision between this program and another, which has been extremely communicative, both of which have Apr 15 deadlines.

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