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Hi you all, 

So I have been admitted to the International Studies master program at Josef Korbel College at U of Denver with an annual scholarship of $10,000 and I'm really struggling with my decision as the deadline approaches!!!! Can anyone help me if I should choose Korbel?? Someone can give me some info on its course/professor/employment situations and just the general info of the program?? Is it worthy? Also, it would be the best if there's any alumnus that can talk to me about their experience at Korbel!! Plus, I'm an international student, just some background info. 

Please helpppp! And congratulations on everyone's offers too! Thanks!!:)


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The only thing I have to offer is that $10K scholarship leaves you with a lot of tuition to cover plus the cost of living in Denver, which is a lot of money in loans or out of pocket. 

ETA: Use the search feature here to find information on Korbel. A few links to get you started:


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