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Last minute help!!!!!


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I'm having a bit of difficulty deciding between Mills and Wake Forest. Wake has offered a full scholarship + GAship. Mills, poor as they are, can only guarantee 4-8 grand across  the two years, which means I'm  looking at a sizeable debt. My goal is to continue onto a doctoral program, so both Mills and Wake would do a fine job of paving the way. I'm also pretty scared of the realities of English-people employment at the university level - so I am also trying to hedge my bet in a way if things don't end up launching me into the purely academic direction.
I had a great visit at Mills. Everyone seemed incredibly invigorated by their work, and this wasn't a feeling a got from Wake - they seemed a bit more institutional. Having said that, there is one women with whom I share a pretty strong interest (object oriented ontology) which doesn't crop up at Mills. However, I get the feeling that Mills is a very fertile environment for students regardless of proclivities and that that interest could very well be fulfilled informally. 
At Mills I felt that I could really get a personal touch in a way that would not appear at Wake. It seems the faculty there truly goes out of their way for students. In addition, it seemed as though they do a better/ more consistent job of placing students in the positions that they want following graduation. 
So I guess my boiled down version: Wake is solid, very little risk. Mills (very) risky, perhaps better payoff long run. The choice seems to be between institutional solidity and scholarly enthusiasm/ engagement. 
Not sure that I've got the appraisal right though. Help!!!!
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