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No news on waitlist status yet?

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I've been waitlisted for 2 schools (JHU and Michigan). One since January and other since March. Both schools have told me that they have no updates yet at the end of March. It's past April 15th... does that mean it's game over? Or will admissions work through the applicant responses this week and give me a response? I've emailed the committee on Monday, but no responses yet. Not sure what to do. 

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It's a bit hard to know. At many schools, the April 15 deadline was more like the 16th or 17th this year, since the 15th was a weekend. At that point, schools expect to hear from their admitted applicants. Once that happens, they can make some decisions about waitlisted candidates, but that can take a few more days, as the dust settles and funding matters become clearer. This means that you may still hear this week, and there's no way we can know how it will go for you. There's still hope at this point, but no promises. 

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