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PhD in Social Work - Canada (Fall 2019)

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On 6/4/2018 at 10:21 PM, Kolo2018 said:

Do you have any helpful information for my admissions letter to various MSW programs in Canada? I was waitlisted for the few programs I applied too last year....

Hello, I live in Montreal so I can only speak to the admission process at UdeM, UQAM and McGill. You can PM me if you have more questions.

PS : This thread is for Ph.D programs applications btw. 

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1 hour ago, Adelaide9216 said:

Usually the minimum is around 3.5 but I would aim a bit higher. Work experience count as well.

^Thanks Adelaide9216!

Someone just told me that they have all A+'s and that sent me down the worry hole. But I cannot imagine anyone getting all A+'s in grad school!

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The further you advance in your studies in this field, I have a sense that grades become less important (although I wouldn't say they aren't important at all, especially if you want grants and scholarships). At my uni for instance, they take work experience and volunteer experience into account as well. In SW, they generally want "well-rounded" individuals sort of.

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Hi There

I am seriously contemplating PHD in social work. I just get an extra kick from learning and research that I don't get from practice.

However, I feel somewhat caught between two worlds --- practice and research --- and don't want to let go of either. 

Wondering if people can speak to this -- do you intend on focusing full time on your studies in doing PHD? Or do you plan to be attached to practice while studying. I am also considering life circumstances. Will be in my 30s as a PHD student so financially, it's difficult to give up practice as well.

Anyone else have these dilemmas? 


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