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What happens if no one is willing to write a LoR for you?

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When I first applied for a grad school I got 3 references however I got deferred from that school due "possibly not being a strong candidate" because of my writing sample and my roll playing skills. That was back in February. It was for a MSW program. 

Now I am applying to Capella and hopefully to Case Western but I have hit a road block, those folks that wrote me  letters before haven't gotten back to me or they are in a position where they are unable to write me a letter when I have asked for a second time. 

I'm starting a new job within the mental health field (CBRS/case management) where I can hopefully have letters written for me but I don't think any will until they actually know me for a while. I don't know how much of a while is for them. I haven't asked my new supervisor yet. 

The profs that I had in undergrad have found new jobs in different states. And the ones that I do know I was never actually their student. I graduated back in 2013 and my profs from that time are no longer reachable due to job changes. 

Worse case scenario: what can I do if I am unable to provide letters of recommendation to grad programs? 

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If you can't provide rec letters, you won't be admitted. I would contact those with jobs in different states and ask them if they're willing to write. Academics change jobs and everyone knows that you'll be writing letters for t hose from your last school while at your new one.

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What do you mean, they're no longer reachable due to job changes? Unless they also went into witness protection, I'm pretty sure it's possible for you to find out where they work now (e.g. by asking the department secretary or simply googling their names) and reaching out to them via their new email.

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