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What are the best places to apply to in 2018/19?


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I’m really looking for some opinions more than anything else.

This year I will be applying to grad schools in creative writing (fiction). I was hoping to know what schools are best for MFA/PhD programs in creative writing, maybe ones that a good but not prestigious.

I could also use some general advice about how to comb through all my options, and if a PhD will be better than getting an MFA.

Thanks to anyone who replies! All advice is greatly appreciated.



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Hey! I don't have specific recs, but there are so many programs out there (hundreds?? someone help me out here) that you sort of need to narrow your search criteria to get meaningful advice on programs. I believe there are some universally acknowledged "top programs" that are known for quality, generosity of funding, and competitiveness of entry. But you may have a lot of other factors that complicate that list: whether you write poetry or fiction or nonfiction, your purpose in getting the degree (development of your craft, credential, knowledge production), whether you can move anywhere to go to a school or have a limited geographic area, whether you need funding or are willing to pay tuition, etc. And I'm only speaking about programs in the United States, I'm not sure about elsewhere. I would advise making sure you've nailed down your own personal parameters and then begin your search, including asking for others' advice on what they would recommend.


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I'm not in your field, but I have a tool you can use!

Everyone has their own criteria, so, as Adelaide mentioned, it's tough to give general advice, since we don't know what your priorities are.  For example, when I was choosing my school (Boiler Up!), I decided that program prestige, social politics, closeness to friends/family/support network, and cost of living were important.  So I created a ranking tool to allow custom-rankings, and I've released it for all to use.  Here's the post with information:




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