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Second thoughts

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So, I was accepted to my first choice school and I’m thrilled. But recently I’ve been having second thoughts due to finances. I have already taken out my loan for this school year and I have a grant. But I still have to pay about $800 out of pocket, then there’s textbooks and buying food/ other expenses like NSSLHA memberships and fun things. I also don’t have a car so I’ll be at the mercy of my cohort to get to clinic and food shopping. I also currently don’t have a job lined up and wasn’t given a GA so I’m struggling to find a job that’s flexible. I’m nervous about how I’m going to make it. I know it is possible but I’m struggling with not letting my anxious and stressful thoughts spiral into he worst case senarios.

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Umm so just on the car note, that is a lot to expect out of a classmate you haven't even met yet.  You guys will be on different clinic schedules probably even if classes line up.  To add grocery shopping on top of that is not something I'd see working out.  I'd look into public transportation.  

Unless you have a roommate who is also in the program I'd expect that classmates will not have enough extra time to accommodate both your schedules.  

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I agree with @CBG321. Why not buy a bike and use that for transportation? That or public transportation. You really can't expect other people to drive you around.

Other than that though, sounds like you're just having normal nerves that everyone has. 

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