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Strength of my profile for Grad School



I understand that this can be difficult to assess, and that most answers to this type of question, usually runs along the line of "well a variety of factors are in place, so I can't say for sure." So while reading this, keep in mind my goal is to find a range of Grad schools that would be safe, likely, and reach for me to apply for. Thank you.

Below is the assumed numbers of my application profile. With it, please help me assess a decent range/rank of Grad schools for me to submit an application too. (ex. Safe #100-50, Likely 50-25, Reach 25-10)

Bachelors in both teaching secondary education/social studies, as well as, History. Summa Cum Laude

GPA: 3.92

GRE: V 163 Q 157 AWA 5.5

Student Undergraduate Research Award at Northern Kentucky University, 2 research papers published, prior-service US Coast Guard (6 years) along with other community assistance projects to round out my application.

Three solid LOR's

..and a strong SOP

I understand that it is difficult to give a direct answer I'm merely looking for a general placement, so that I can work on upgrading my profile. Also I'll be applying for History Programs, and am willing to retake the GRE.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Very Respectfully 

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Hi Norse!

Humanities admissions don't work like that. It isn't as simple as number-based so there are no safety or reach schools. Instead, it's based on how well your interests fit in with theirs as well as the makeup of the incoming class. You'll be competing with people that have similar interests. They'll also likely be assessing how well your personalities jibe together based on the application you presented as a whole.

Depending on where you have those two papers published, it could be a major plus on your application. Some programs do warn against early professionalization because research tends to follow you around forever.

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Hey Warelin, thanks for the quick reply! I completely understand your reasoning,  I was more operating under a thought process with controlled variables (basically all programs fit me and vice versa, and that I jibe well with all involved parties) sort of eliminating the personal aspects in the order to see how I compete against others. As for my publishing's, they were not published from my own university but rather from a large notable publisher. Although your point regarding hastily rushing into publishing material is noted, i will have to look into that more. 


But eliminate social factors and program preferences, do you have an opinion on how ill compete against other likeminded students?

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