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As of 08/08/18, the history forum has over 40k posts. 

Please consider the advantages of

  • using the BB's search button. https://forum.thegradcafe.com/search/ and
  • contributing to existing threads, especially the thread for the current application season, so that current and future users will have common points of reference

Here's the thing. Academic historians distinguish themselves from other professions in the Ivory Tower in many ways, not the least of which are:

  • Self-reliance;
  • The ability to generate meaningful questions; and
  • The ability to do research in support of answering those questions.

FWIW, while there are ongoing conversations over generational sensibilities IRT work, training, and interpersonal relationships (the boomer/xer/millenial/z "debate"), for better and for worse, professional academic historians continue to do things the old way. This old way includes an unstated expectations that aspiring graduate students are going to do a significant, if not exhaustive,  amount of self-motivated legwork before asking questions.

ETA: If one reads extensively, one will come across "first time" posts by "long time lurkers" who share their elation at getting into Happy Land University with full funding and their appreciation for the wealth of information they found in existing threads. Is it just by accident that they get to where they want to go without starting new threads?


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