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Incomplete research/Writing a conference paper for the first time

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Hi guys, I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before a lot of times, but I really wanted to get some perspectives on specifically my case. So, I'm working on a conference paper and the problem is I feel like my research is not really summarized/concluded yet but my adviser pushed this, he wanted me to submit an abstract and write a paper. And now after my abstract got accepted, I have to write this paper and I have like 3 weeks (I already wrote 20-30% of it though). For me the main problem is I feel like my research (I'm doing modelling work btw) is not summarized enough and can't really make any strong conclusions from the results I'm getting. I feel like my research doesn't really answer some specific question.

So, anyway, here is my general question, what are the tips on writing a paper? Especially, considering my case. This is my first(!) time writing a paper! And my research is in such disorganized condition. Are there some specific rules that I should know? Any specific things I should keep in mind?

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Think of your paper as two pyramids and a rectangle, The inverted pyramid is up top (the first part of your paper). Frame the area of study, the bigger questions of your field, the intermediate questions that arise therefrom, and summarizes your topic and research can help an informed audience gain additional perspective.

The rectangle will be your discussion of your research and your findings. If you use words/phrases like "provisional", "preliminary findings," "initial research," and so on, you will cue your audience that they're dealing more with a think piece than a polished project. (The key here is to make sure that your thoughts are as polished as circumstances allow.) Early on in this rectangle, you want to define briefly but elegantly your methodology. What were your sources? How did you analyze them? Avoid sounding defensive. For example,  

The second pyramid is your conclusion. Summarize briefly how your research addresses the questions you raised in the introduction. Then deftly pivot to how your research raises additional questions.

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