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Question about Social Work Licensing

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I am a recent BSW graduate. I was hoping that someone could help me figure out something about the licensing process. In order to obtain the LSW license in the state of Massachusetts, three references are required and all three must be "qualified to evaluate the applicant's social work experience." I am confused as to how a recent BSW graduate would have three references that could evaluate his/her social work experience. My former internship supervisor would count as one reference, but where do the other two references typically come from? The only "social work experience" I have had was my BSW internship. There was only one social worker (my former internship supervisor) at the facility.
Based on what I have seen on job boards, most organizations in my area want you to already be licensed...so if I cannot work as a Social Worker without having my license, how can I gain social work experience (and be able to have three references who can evaluate my experience ?) I am not sure if I am missing something here or if I am right to be confused by this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not in MA, but what about professors? Did you have any classes where you had to demonstrate skills? For instance, in my MSW program we had to record ourselves doing a mock session using motivational interviewing and then CBT. If not, think about significant projects (presentations, papers, etc.) you completed that would demonstrate knowledge of social work skills.

Also have you done any volunteer work where a social worker was on staff? That could be an option.

It could be worth reaching out to other students in your program to see what they are doing or a professor.

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In WV they only require on letter IF you take the exam before graduation or want to get a temp license. The letter had to be from the school saying that I was in good standing when I applied for my temp. My advisor wrote mine. I would assume that if the board doesn't specify then you probably could get away with intern supervisors and professors or a boss of a job you have. 

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