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How competitive are the private and public MSW schools in California?


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My GPA overall is a 3.1, with a 3.7 during community college but during my last 2 years of college at my four year undergrad (I am studying abroad at the current moment in a "fifth year") I received a 2.49 GPA because I was beginning recovery from addiction and a dual diagnosis. I want to be a social worker to do marco and policy work advocating for populations in poverty and with high rates of mental disorders/substance abuse issues.

I have 2 years of experience being an activist of a Chicano student organization (I am personally Filipino but they are open to allies) along with 2 years of being an advocate in an organization dedicated to reducing the stigma on mental health issues and diagnoses. I also spent a year volunteering for a presidential campaign. I am born and raised from a city with high rates of poverty and crime that I believe are fundamentally manmade and preventable with the right advocacy and policy.

What are my chances to get into the CSU's in general and particularly Cal State San Bernardino? What about the private universities such as Loma Linda University or Azusa Pacific? I feel worried over my slip in GPA over the last two years and am wondering whether or not I should wait until the fall 2020 admissions cycle to apply instead of the fall 2019 one. If I delay, I will have an additional year of study abroad courses with decent grades along with further volunteering experience that will improve my application as well. But I wonder if that is strictly needed, as I would prefer to get started on my MSW sooner rather than later. With all this in mind, what are my chances for the Fall 2019 cycle in California?

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Hey if you are looking at CSUs join our FB page "UC and CSU MSW applicant support group" in addition to talking to people on here. What is your bachelors in, if it's a BSW that would be an advantage. The lower GPA because of addiction recovery is understandable, I'm in recovery too so right on. I think if you have an interest in policy that your background will help you. I have no idea how competitive CSUSB is though or how policy applicants establish a strong application, I was more of a micro applicant. Again I say join our FB group, and consider just calling CSUSB and the other schools MSW programs that you are interested in and see if they will talk with you or meet with you, attend their information sessions, and join their facebook pages and stuff and see what info you can gather. Generally speaking, to be a competitive applicant for MSW programs I'd say 3.0+ GPA is preferred, some programs may require you to take the GRE if your GPA is below a certain amount. Like some it's pretty high, those with a GPA under a 3.3 are required to take it, but not all MSW CSUs are like that. Sounds like if you are looking at APU or Loma Linda you did your homework on which programs are CSWE and BBS approved so that's good, I have no idea on applicants for those private schools. I'd aim for programs that have a strong policy side. I think CSUDH and CSULA do. UCLA has a strong policy side as well, so would be good to reach out to them if interested. In terms of waiting for next season I say give it a shot now, but try and get your apps in early on, because earlier applications are sometimes given preference, especially if it's a rolling admissions type admissions process.

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