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Is my profile to low?

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I recently took my gre. I got an awful score of q 140 v 143. I still have not gotten my awa score yet. But I'm pretty confident about it. I have a GPA of 3.9. I have shadowed a bilingual speech therapist as well as volunteered in other places. Will my gre hurt me? I feel like I am a strong applicant besides my God awful gre!!! I do not have time to retake since its December and some applications are due by January 1st

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That's a really great GPA and shadowing experience! I would throw some "safe" schools into the mix if you haven't already. I know schools look for roughly 300 between q and v, but also look at everything else and know everyone has hard days. Someone on the committee for the audiology program at my school mentioned recently that a high GPA and mediocre GRE scores actually show the student knows how to work really hard. The GRE is biased in favor of people who are native English speakers, so if that's not you, that could also play in your favor! Don't give up hope and don't second guess your accomplishments! Everybody has weaknesses. 


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16 hours ago, Kandykane said:

Thanks!! I have heard people get in with a mediocre GPA but have a great gre score. So I figured why not the other way around. Any idea on what some safety schools may be?

From my experience New Mexico State University and Northern Arizona University both accept those with lower GRE scores! 

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