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I think for a lot of programs there's a little wiggle room on when LORs NEED to be in. They expect that professors will be either waiting till the last minute or actually late. They're not going to be working on New Years anyways, so the holiday gets you a bit of time. I had a December 15th app date and one of my writers didn't get hers in until the first or second week of January. I received an email from the school a few days after New Years saying it needed to be in by the 15th or they would toss the app, so I sent her the sixth freaking email (only a slight exaggeration) and that finally did the trick. Grr.

Granted, I'm sure not every program is willing to give a month's leeway, so politely harass her as often as necessary to get it in as soon as you can! It also depends on what type of deadline (green, orange, etc) your schools have. Green deadlines need to have everything including LORs in and verified before the deadline. Definitely check out your program info here if you haven't already: https://help.liaisonedu.com/CSDCAS_Applicant_Help_Center/Starting_Your_CSDCAS_Application/Getting_Started_with_Your_CSDCAS_Application/04_Participating_Programs_and_Eligibility

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Go here and see if your program requires all materials including LOR to be completed by the due date. Hope this helps!


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