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Are language courses covered by Phd or funded masters program?


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I was at a funded MA program and took both German and Spanish while I was there. A few other folks took language coursesĀ as well. At my current program languages are also covered by tuition so long as you a) meet the department requirements for enrollment should there be any (e.g., my current program requires 10 credits of philosophy/quarter) and b) don't exceed the university cap on credit hours (e.g., at my MA I couldn't go over 18 credit hours a semester but could take non-department courses as long as I stayed below that number). I think in general you can take what you want (within reason) so long as you meet department requirements and don't go over on credit hours.

Depending on what programs you're looking at, it's possible that you can find a copy of their graduate handbook on their websites and see if they have a "language" section in their handbooks.

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Check the PhD handbook/grad manuals for the schools you're looking at. Some do, some don't.

For example, at my program they absolutely do not pay for language classes. But whether a research language is required depends on your dissertation topic. Many PhD students don't need a language.

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Sometimes what happens, though, is that you can take the language classes offered by classics/the modern languages department for free, but they cap the number of grad students able to take those classes, so you end up having to take classes somewhere else (and unfunded) instead.

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