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Asking about grants during interviews?

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I'm leaving for an interview weekend this weekend for a microbiology phd program and I haven't been able to find recent grants that a POI I'll be interviewing with has currently. Is it inappropriate to ask about what grants she has funded right now since that is connected to how I'll be paid to be in that lab? I'm only asking because a lot of her publications are from a while ago and I want to know whether she has enough active grants (and therefore active projects) in my field of interest but I'm worried that it will come across as me asking about money too early on. 


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I don't necessarily think it would hurt you, but on the other hand, it certainly won't help you be admitted. Maybe ask in a more innocuous and tactful way - i.e. what active research are you doing, and is there a chance I can be of assistance? I wouldn't outright ask about something for your benefit, rather, pose it in such a way that you are eager and willing to help should the opportunity present itself. This will avoid the perception of you only being interested in this school for financial reasons, and make you appear more interested in the ongoing work.

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