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Admission into Canadian University for Masters

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Hey all,
I am an Architect from India. I completed my bachelor's degree in Architecture ( B.Arch ) in 2017 which is a 5-year degree.
I have many backlogs and one year drop. My final grades are 7.8 CGPA ( i.e 7.4 x 7.8 + 12 = 70% )
equivalent to 3.7/4 Canadian GPA according to this calculator > https://www.greedge.com/blog/fall-2018-convert-cgpa-usa-germany-canada/ ( scroll down two pages for Canada Gpa calculator on the page )

I have 7.5 overall scores in IELTS academic.

I have 2.5 years of work experience.

Is my profile eligible for pursuing masters in Canada?

The degree I want to pursue is
1.Masters of Urban Design
2. Masters of Planning
3. Masters of Architecture

Please do not suggest diploma courses. These are the final courses I want to look into.

I was talking to an agent earlier who said my profile is low and he suggested considering Australia.
However, I am not quite sure whether my profile is a low one as the yeard drop was due to a significant health issue I faced in the 2nd year.

I have all my documents ready including ( Portfolio, writing samples, CV, transcripts, LOR )
With the deadline being 15th Jan 2019 for most of the Canadian Universities, I am in a panic mode and don't know what to do really. I also want to be eligible for PR later.

Any suggestions, please?

Thanks in Advance.

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