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mistakes made at clinical psychology interview


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Hi Guys,

I just got three interviews done! I'm now anxiously waiting for the results and crazily checking my emails every single minute!!

I can't help thinking about the mistakes I've made during my interviews!

1. forgot about buying breakfast food for my host family (not sure if it is necessary)

2. answered two questions in a wrong way because I misunderstood the questions

3. not being so energetic in the social day. 


Overall, I feel everyone was wearing a "smiley mask" during the interview; can't feel too much authenticity...


Look forward to hearing your story!

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Hi! Welcome to the forum!! The thread below is where many people have been talking about post-interview experiences. It helps if we all post related information in the same thread! :) Creating separate threads for similar topics can clutter the forum.



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FWIW as my opinion as a current student (before this gets merged):


1) nobody expects you to buy food for your host family; in fact, programs usually provide some light breakfast food in the morning for applicants. If they didn’t, I’m sorry about that. 


2) I can’t really know what you mean by this unless you want to PM more specifics about what the questions were. Hopefully it wasn’t a big deal. 


3) Nobody expects you to be super energetic; just a little social. It’s a long process. 



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