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Bioinformatics Masters - What are my chances ?


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Hi all, 

I'm currently finishing up my bachelor's in Asa, with one more semester to go. I'm thinking of applying for 2020 Spring or 2020 Fall semester. 

Major : Biology (Double Major in non-bio related) 

Undergrad : Asia 

GPA : around 3.5 - 3.6 / 4.0 ( the highest I can bring up is around 3.67 ) 

GRE : around average ( haven't taken the official test ) 

Research experience : no publication

  • 10 month research experience at a wet-lab
  • 2 month internship at a bioinformatics lab 

I'm interested in the genomics/bioinformatics field (not in developing bioinformatic tools, but using the tools for research in bio) so I've been looking at several umbrella programs in Canada and the US. 

My biggest concern is I don't have extensive research experience nor an outstanding GPA, and I just have no clue how competitive it is for international students. 

Do you think I have chances for top 10-30 masters program ? 


Any advice would be really appreciated ! 

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publication is not a big thing for master. But have you had any computer science / stats background shown without that its tough. Also an important part of the international applicant is TOEFL. if you don't have a certain score, some program just throw a way your result.  (make sure you get that one) 

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