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Yeshiva in nyc

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I got accepted a few weeks ago! I got a good impression from the program; staff were super helpful and friendly and seem very invested, and the students i talked to seem excited about the program as well. I also appreciate that it is a medically oriented program with more specific courses regarding dysphagia and students have the opportunity to work with cadavers for anatomy lab. My only hesitation is that it is a newer program and and clinical experiences are pretty much just the externships, and I worry about feeling supported enough before I go out into the field. However, I also know that they have a speech clinic in the works but that will take time. All in all, Yeshiva is my second choice after NYMC but I'd still be happy to attend. 

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Yeshiva seems like a promising program with a lot of positive aspects (stated by slp1921 above). The real turn off for me is that tuition... on top of the cost of living that just seemed outrageous. Not sure how financial aid is, but for a newer candidate school I wouldn't be able to justify spending that kind of money.

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