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  1. @Brooke's Lookbook Congrats! I recently put in my deposit for TC. I'll see you in the fall! Super excited to start!
  2. Hi @zurako, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on TC's program. I am strongly considering attending, but still have some questions I hope you can answer. I know that there are 4 research labs at TC, but I was wondering if it's competitive to be involved in one of them, or are there opportunities for anyone that wants it. Also, I was admitted to the regular initial licensure program but am now interested in the bilingual extension. Do you know people who were able to switch over after being admitted? Do you also find that most students are interested in becoming school-based SLPs or work with the pediatric population? And if I wanted to work with adults, would I have a hard time finding support from the program? And finally, what would you say is your favorite aspect of TC's program. Thanks!
  3. slp1921


    Hey there! I'm in a similar boat. What are your pros and cons for each? I personally love Columbia's program but still find myself going back and forth.
  4. Yeah i just signed in and towards the top of the page there's a new section that says "Status Update" and a link to view the update. I didn't receive an email to check -- I just signed out at 5 since someone posted earlier that decisions might be released at that time. I'm sure it'll get to you guys if you haven't received it already. Fingers crossed for all of you!!!
  5. Check the portal! My decision was posted!!!!!
  6. slp1921

    Yeshiva Speech Pathology

    Hey do you mind sharing about your visit? I was told that a speech clinic was “in the works” but didn’t question it too hard because Yeshiva is a new program. I actually haven’t visited in person but got a good impression from the many conversations I had with admissions and program faculty. But obviously, I’d like to have a more full picture as I weigh my options. Thanks in advance!
  7. slp1921

    Emerson Online Interview HELP

    I was accepted to Emerson's online program so I probably didn't interview with the same folks you did, but here's a link to the list of Emerson's CSD faculty and their pictures and maybe you'll recognize one of them? Hope this is helpful. https://www.emerson.edu/communication-sciences-disorders/faculty
  8. slp1921

    Gap Year Advice??

    Totally agree! I was told by some of the programs that my 3 years of experience as an ABA therapist was a huge strength. You learn how to conduct sessions with clients and how to track and interpret data -- skills that I'm sure are great to have in the field of SLP.
  9. Hi everyone. For those who've applied/been accepted to NYMC this year, what was the time gap between your interview and your decision? I interviewed recently and was told the pattern was that you'd hear about 48 hours afterwards and it's been longer than that. I'm sort of anxious since it's my top choice and just want to know whether I'm in or not so I can move on with my life. haha
  10. slp1921

    Yeshiva in nyc

    I'm for sure not Jewish so I wouldn't think so.
  11. slp1921

    Yeshiva in nyc

    I got accepted a few weeks ago! I got a good impression from the program; staff were super helpful and friendly and seem very invested, and the students i talked to seem excited about the program as well. I also appreciate that it is a medically oriented program with more specific courses regarding dysphagia and students have the opportunity to work with cadavers for anatomy lab. My only hesitation is that it is a newer program and and clinical experiences are pretty much just the externships, and I worry about feeling supported enough before I go out into the field. However, I also know that they have a speech clinic in the works but that will take time. All in all, Yeshiva is my second choice after NYMC but I'd still be happy to attend.

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