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When is it okay to inquire about the application status.


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I haven't heard anything from my top choice and I'm afraid I've been waitlisted. Is it still too early to email and ask? 


My interview was a month ago and they wrapped up the last interviews two weeks ago. I know it's still February but i had the understanding that acceptances would have gone out by now.

Is there a correct way to ask?


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Any time is fine, really.  The best way to contact is via email to the general graduate admissions email.  Late Feb/Early March is usually a good time to inquire and they're used to it/expecting it.  Some responses will be "Thanks for contacting...blah blah...please check the web portal...blah blah...expect decisions by xxx."  Real generic, avoidance stuff.  But I find every few schools they're properly check for you and look through your application status, personally. 

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I think it's totally fine to email admissions and ask for an update (or an idea of when they'll be contacting you with a decision). I emailed an admissions office last week and got a generic answer saying they hope to have decisions out in early March. It didn't give me any clues about my admissions status, but knowing I won't hear anything for a while did help me chill out and stop checking my email as much.

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