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Feminist and Queer theory Pedagogy


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This one is for all my "literature & language" folks. I'm currently teaching two recitations for introduction to literary theory. We've gone through structuralism, deconstruction, and psychoanalysis thus far. In the next couple of weeks, we are tackling feminist and queer theory. I really want to get my students to engage--especially with a topic that is so important and prominent in our current lives. Does any one have any advice for how to approach this?

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Feminist and queer theory sections can be so fun! I think it depends on if you think your class would respond better to a group reading versus a more individualized, culturally responsive approach (working out the lesson based on the backgrounds of your students)? E.g., reading and discussing "Fun Home," (or another text) versus having students find their own examples of queer feminist texts and having them identify and present those elements to their classmates. Or providing a list of possible texts that students could choose from. Or, you could also do queer feminist readings of advertising and/or other cultural artifacts. 

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