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Offered a position by the department but rejected by graduate school.

Monday Monkey


Hey guys, so I got all my apps in and whatnot and a few weeks later, I got a response from my department at my first choice school with a letter offering me a position.  I accepted their offer but now, I have a response from their graduate school saying I didn't make the cut because of my GPA (which is .1 below their minimum).  Upon further inquiries, I found out the department wasn't aware of this decision.  Do you guys think I still have a chance of going to school there?

Share your thoughts or maybe some past experiences so I can have an idea of what's going on.  Thank you all!

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While I think you appealing is a good idea, it also seems like the department should be advocating for you as well.  They want you to come aboard, they didn't know the grad college would reject you, and perhaps they have solid reasons that you aren't aware of that an exception should be made.

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