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Education: Columbia TC VS Vanderbilt Peabody

Amy Du

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I have already received the admission letter from Master of Arts program in International Educational Development at Teachers College, Columbia University and Master of Education program in Child Studies at Peabody, Vanderbilt University. I'm from China and want some advice for my decision.

Here are my expectations:

1. To build a solid foundation of knowledge in education, including research skills in specialized aspects(such as developmental psychology) and strategic view of macro policy. I want to relate good-quality products with needs of real world, which requires strong insights. As for my professional goals, I want to be a specialist in educational intervention design in the short term and a leader in the long term.

2. To make friends with interesting, outstanding and steady classmates.

3. To focus on study and practice

4. To find a job with reasonable salaries after graduation

5. To balance life and study during graduate school

Thanks a lot if you do have some suggestions?


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I went to TC and here's what I know:

1. You might want to review TC IED's curriculum and see if it matches your needs. Given my interaction with a few friends from IED, it focuses on policy so it can help you become a leader. TC also has a program called Developmental Psychology that may provide insights into education intervention design.

2. If you are open-minded and nice, you can make a lot of friends there.

3. There are generally many opportunities in NYC.

4. Get statistics on employment of IED alumni especially for international students.

5. You can.

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