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Interested in pursuing a masters in speech

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Hello.  I am interested in pursuing a masters in speech language pathology.  I have an elementary school teaching credential and a reading specialist credential.  I have about 10 years of classroom teaching experience.  I resigned from teaching in 2016 after my son was diagnosed with autism and my MIL was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Anyways, I had some questions regarding programs.  

Would completing a program that is ASHA “certified” (can’t think of correct term) better my chances of employment later on?


I live in the Bay Area (near San Jose).  Are most courses at schools taught in the evening?   If so, I would need to go through an online program.  Does anyone have an recommendations for an online program?

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As far as I know, you can't work as a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist without getting a Masters from an ASHA-certified program (but I could be wrong?). There are many online programs, and if you search this forum you'll find lots of posts about the different ones available! Ones I've heard spoken about a lot are Emerson, NYU, and maybe ENMU? But there are several available.

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Yes, you've done good research -- it's critical your program is ASHA certified. There are about 1-2 years of communication disorder pre-reqs. Usually you would take these prior/as you apply for your masters, but there are a handful that will allow you to take them as part of your masters (usually adding on a year). Online programs can be competitive so make sure you keep your GPA up. :) 

Here is a topic that might help.


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