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Academic journal for social work research (masters student)


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Hello folks,

My first authored journal article got rejected from the first journal I have submitted it to. I was wondering if you knew about academic journals who would publish the work of a masters student in social work. My research focuses on sexual violence against women, and practices surrounding disclosures of sexual violence. Any help would be appreciated. If the journal in French, that would be a bonus. I am looking online but they all seem to publish only large samples of participants... Thanks,

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Did the journal specifically say they don't publish articles authored by Master's level persons?  That would seem strange to me as many in Social Work don't go beyond a Master's and I'm constantly seeing articles published by MSWs and LCSWs, none in French however.  I'm not sure how many journals are published in French, but the broad advise I was given regarding journal selection is as follows:

1) Ask your advisor or the faculty member that is also an author on your article for journal suggestions

2) Look at the references you cited and see where those articles were published, often you see trends where certain journals tend to publish certain topics or an author tends to only publish in a few journals

3) Check professional associations for your discipline and see if they have preferred journals

4) It is very normal to have an article rejected so if you get a revise and resubmit consider that a golden ticket and celebrate.  If you get a no thank you don't resubmit then see if their feedback includes suggestions of other journals that might be a better fit

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