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Evans MPA_Decision making process

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Is anyone interested in non profit/thinktank are considering Evans? What are your thoughts on Evans? What made you decide to attend or not to attend Evans?

I tried reaching out to Alumnis on Linkedin but I have not heard back :(. How is their alumni network? 

I think it is very regional specific but I liked Seattle and Evans has given me solid funding.  Any alumnis, or prospectinve students what are your thoughts about it?


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Hi! I got accepted to Evans and am interested in nonprofit management. I’m very interested in attending - their faculty, staff, and current students have all raved about the experience, and being a lifelong East Coaster, I’m interested in living on the West Coast for some time. The curriculum sounds intentional and solid, the extracurricular options seem to dovetail nicely with the classroom learning, and the student community sounds very tight-knit, which I’m after. I’m not too concerned about the network since I’m from DC and I already have a network here, but that is something to seriously consider if you want to move/work somewhere you don’t have connections to yet. 

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9 hours ago, indecisivemf said:

How did you get a chance to speak to current students? through LindkedIn ir admission blogs? What in particular about their curriculum are you most interested in? 

Through their Student Ambassadors page, as well as through their LinkedIn alumni group. Compared to my other MPA schools, the curriculum at Evans is pretty similar. I do like how relatively lockstep the core courses are for the first year, because I think it really helps build a sense of community among the cohort. The electives are numerous, wide-ranging, and interesting, and I think the assignments in the classes I’m interested in are conducive to achieving the learning outcomes. They also have a Board Fellows program where, if you’re interested in nonprofit management, you can serve on the board of a local nonprofit for a year. 

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