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Deciding between University of Akron, Kent State, and BGSU

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I got waitlisted at my top choice, and now I am trying to decide between Kent State, University of Akron, and Bowling Green.  I visited both Kent State and Akron, and I liked them but wasn't wowed.  I have never been to Bowling Green or the area at all.  Anyone have any opinions on any of these grad programs?

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I went to BGSU for graduate school and loved it! The area is small with not a lot happening, but the program and faculty were awesome. You find enough to do especially as you become greater friends with your cohort. I loved my time there. Message if you have any questions!! 

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Yes I have many thoughts! I attended 2 OH universities for undergrad and grad, and while applying visited many of these schools so I feel like I have well-rounded knowledge.

In general since there's so many programs in Northeast OH getting good externship sites can be competitive at either school. Kent's program is also 6 semesters, which can make a difference when other programs are only 5. But you take more classes and have more time to learn which can be beneficial. Something to consider about Bowling Green is their PhD program so the relationship-wise the professors may not pay as much attention to you, for lack of better wording. Both of those places are also more research-based in terms of labs than Akron which is something to consider if you have particular interests.

Akron is a more precarious city to live in but it can be done. The other schools listed would be better city/town wise. I also believe Akron accepts too many students that it can handle (for the $$) and has outdated supervisors in the campus clinic. Some of the off-campus placements have poor supervisors as well, and overall not everyone gets the same clinical experience even if you want it. For example, some get adult and/or dysphagia placements before the medical externship, whereas others do not so going into externship is intimidating. Also with Akron it is rare that you will get hospital experience even if that is what you desire, which is surprising when you consider the urban location. Overall they don't have a great process for getting students to diverse experiences they need/want. The on-campus clinic in general does not have many clients so the experiences you'd get are not as well-rounded as other universities, except in regards to AAC which is a strong point for them. However being so, you get more off-campus/realistic experience early on. If you didn't like Akron off the bat it's not going to get better once you're there. If you are a competitive student looking for a competitive experience do not go to Akron. Overall I would also look at your potential courseload during externship because the more you have on your plate, the harder your externship will be.

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