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I got accepted into a Speech Pathology Grad Program in AL (Auburn Univ.) and for some reason they were missing my GRE scores and couldn't send my official acceptance letter until they had them (I had a different last name when I sent them in vs my application name) I fixed all the things I needed to fix and resent them. I emailed the Grad Admissions office AND the Speech Path program office and have not received any follow up or even a response for almost 2 weeks. Not only am I getting concerned about the organization/friendliness of the university but at this point my acceptance into the program (even though the Speech Path program knows I accepted and sent me an email of acceptance???) 

Should I be concerned??? Its still pretty early in the process, so should I just relax and wait it out a bit longer??? Does anyone have any experiences or advice??


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I'm not sure if there are major differences in the Speech Path timeline versus other fields, but here are a few thoughts:

1. It's perfectly normal for you to feel anxious in this situation, especially if you haven't heard back from their emails. You could try and call the office for reassurance, but if they told you that you are accepted, it's unlikely for that to change because of this situation

2. The wheels of academia move slowly. Your GRE scores may have needed to be resent from ETS, which takes time and someone at the program probably needs to sit down and manually add them to your profile. 

3. As for your thoughts about the university's organization, it's hard to blame them as you did change your name, which would be confusing to most places. I wouldn't hold it against your program. This is likely a very busy time for them.

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