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Hello! It is my first time posting... I was just wondering something about the Neuroscience Ph.D. admissions. I am currently earning a B.S. in Biology from a researched based university and I am also volunteering in some labs within my university. Is it possible to enter a Neuroscience Ph.D. program without publications or posters? Supposing that your GPA and GRE are about average. Any help is appreciated! ☺️

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I applied to top neuroscience programs this past semester, and most of the undergraduates who I interviewed with didn't have publications. It's the norm, not the exception.


That said, are you currently doing research yourself? Hard to tell what "volunteering in some labs" actually entails, but research experience is definitely necessary for a neuroscience PhD




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Publications are definitely not necessary. It’s great if you have one but definitely not the norm.


However, having a poster (even if you only presented at your university or something small) showcases your research experience, which is something top programs will want, especially if your GPA and GRE are only average.


You said you have research experience? What does that entail? Did you have your own project?

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