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  1. I got into a clinical phd with an undergrad gap of 3.2 and a masters gpa of 3.0 (neither of these in psychology). I did take some undergrad classes from 2016 and 2018 in psychology to show that I can do coursework
  2. From my understanding, it really doesn't matter if your school is "top-ranked" as long as you are in a school and lab where you will be able to be productive and make good connections. I don't think ranking is the whole story. If you are in a lab with a fantastic mentor at a lesser ranked school, and you are able to consistently publish and present and apply for grants/fellowships successfully, I would be extremely surprised if the ranking of the school would hold you back from getting TT jobs. Anyone else can chime in here if they know more about this than me.
  3. So I do work as a research coordinator but I work for a major hospital and will be moving across the country to start my PhD at an entirely different program, so potentially very different circumstances than it sounds like what you have going on. I absolutely agree and understand that you don't want to continue to be engaged in coordinator level activities once you start, I feel the same way. By wrapping up I mean that I am finishing up a lot of stuff like data entry that needs to be done before I leave and creating manuals for how to do things, like creating guidelines for data entry,
  4. I'm super excited as well to start! I haven't had a ton of contact with my advisor yet, which makes sense because she is on sabbatical. I've been focusing on wrapping up projects at my current position and getting everything in a good place for the person who will take over my job. I am also trying to finish up writing a manuscript for my first first-author publication. I hope to have that in submission before I leave for school so my co-authors don't have to track me down via email every time we need to discuss something. In terms of getting ready for school, I don't really plan to do v
  5. My partner is finishing up his PhD in neuroscience and he did not have a publication when he got accepted.
  6. I got accepted into a clinical phd with an undergrad GPA of 3.2 In my experiences research experience was weighed heavily and you look like you're on track for that
  7. Officially accepted for University of Nebraska Lincoln for clinical!
  8. I just caved and asked my Clark POI if they have any information about an anticipated time frame for hearing back about admissions results. I have a gut feeling I was waitlisted or rejected and that they are waiting to tell me until later on, but I need to know at this point so I can emotionally move on and gear up for either another cycle or a career switch out of research and academia
  9. Can the person who was waitlisted at Nebraska with DH message me about whether it was Hope or Hansen (same initials!) Thanks- sorry to be that person 😕
  10. Out of curiosity, was this for Clark? I interviewed with them on the 6th and havent heard a peep
  11. I'm really sorry to hear this- I am sure that you are a very strong applicant so don't lose hope. This process is honestly a crapshoot and I think comes down to a lot of random variables that have no bearing on you as a person. I was at UNL's weekend and thought every applicant I met was very nice, intelligent, and successful so I'm sure that you will succeed no matter where your path takes you. My mom always tells me that everything happens for a reason and the place you end up, wherever that may be, is the place that is meant for you to be. I am also waiting to hear back about an acceptance
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