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  1. presentfancies

    School Psychology or related Psychology PhD and GPA acceptances?

    I got accepted into a clinical phd with an undergrad GPA of 3.2 In my experiences research experience was weighed heavily and you look like you're on track for that
  2. presentfancies

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    Officially accepted for University of Nebraska Lincoln for clinical!
  3. presentfancies

    Post-Interview Anxieties, Worries, Thoughts, Comments, etc.

    I just caved and asked my Clark POI if they have any information about an anticipated time frame for hearing back about admissions results. I have a gut feeling I was waitlisted or rejected and that they are waiting to tell me until later on, but I need to know at this point so I can emotionally move on and gear up for either another cycle or a career switch out of research and academia
  4. presentfancies

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    I got notified today that I'm on the waitlist which is a bummer
  5. presentfancies

    Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019

    Nevermind I got waitlisted
  6. presentfancies

    Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019

    Can the person who was waitlisted at Nebraska with DH message me about whether it was Hope or Hansen (same initials!) Thanks- sorry to be that person 😕
  7. presentfancies

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    Out of curiosity, was this for Clark? I interviewed with them on the 6th and havent heard a peep
  8. presentfancies

    What are people's experiences being waitlisted?

    I'm really sorry to hear this- I am sure that you are a very strong applicant so don't lose hope. This process is honestly a crapshoot and I think comes down to a lot of random variables that have no bearing on you as a person. I was at UNL's weekend and thought every applicant I met was very nice, intelligent, and successful so I'm sure that you will succeed no matter where your path takes you. My mom always tells me that everything happens for a reason and the place you end up, wherever that may be, is the place that is meant for you to be. I am also waiting to hear back about an acceptance from UNL and I understand how stressful and anxiety provoking it is. I think it shows that you are a very strong applicant that you are first alternate for not one but 3 schools. It is very likely that at one of those places, someone will decline admission.
  9. presentfancies

    Post-Interview Anxieties, Worries, Thoughts, Comments, etc.

    Interviewed at Nebraska this past weekend and am seeing acceptances trickle in (somehow a literal day after the interview???), which is causing me to anxiously re-live every moment of the interview weekend. I'm really introverted so I don't excel at group/casual settings but I think I interview well so IDK what to think. I just want this to be over.
  10. presentfancies

    Interview Attire?

    Also, if it's helpful to anyone- I got a navy suit from Banana Republic that came down to $170 (40% off). It's gorgeous and really high quality for the price. They might still have the sale going on!
  11. presentfancies

    Interview Attire?

    Jeez that's the absolute worst ? I ordered a new pair of glasses that are gold wire and very profesh and im crossing my fingers they show up before my first interview
  12. presentfancies

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    That was me DM incoming
  13. presentfancies

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    For my invite to UNL I had brief email correspondence with my POI where I asked her about ongoing and expected research projects that she expected upcoming students to get involved in and gave an introduction about my research interests with my CV attached. I did hear back from her and she provided a lot of information, which was very nice of her (it made writing the SOP so much easier!). A day after I submitted my application, I followed up with her to thank her again for taking time to send me the information and that I had applied to work with her lab. She responded good luck and that they would begin reviewing applications in January. I did have a phone call with her over this past weekend which was much more informal than I expected where she primed me for the weather in Nebraska, what the city was like, to answer any of my questions about the logistics of the interview weekend, and re-assured me that there will be limited correspondence between us until the interview weekend and not to become discouraged if I don't hear from her until the interview-- which I thought was very nice of her.

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