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Anyone waiting for SJSU MS Data Analytics program?

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Anyone still waiting for SJSU MS Data Analytics program?

My status is still "referred to Grad department" like forever....:wacko:

I got a msg on 5/1 that
"According to our records, your file has been referred to the department. At this time your application is under department review. The Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations Office is not involved in this phase of the review and will not be able to provide any additional information about your status while you are referred to the department. We want you to know that we do not have specific updated information to provide because departments have a separate review process"

just want to know if anyone got any news from them recently.....

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@Choho, not sure it's a coincidence or they sent out status updates in bulk, I have been waiting with the identical status since 05/01 !! By any chance, did you get any update till now?

Are you an International Applicant or Domestic? 


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