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How soon is too soon to submit applications?


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As the title suggests...how soon is too soon to submit grad school applications? When you were applying for grad programs, what were the deadlines for them and how far out from the deadline did you submit? Does it make much of a difference in how soon schools will get back to you or does this really just vary depending upon the program? Thanks

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This is for clinical psych anyhow - confirming that the soonest you'll be able to submit is when the application portal opens, typically September or October at the latest. I know at least 3/13 schools that I applied to started looking at applications 1-2 weeks before the deadline, so there's a possible advantage in submitting early - but you still won't hear back until after the deadline. YMMV though depending on your area - for less competitive areas they may evaluate apps as they come in and get back to you quickly (e.g., a friend of mine submitted to an MSc program in the UK a couple of weeks before the deadline and heard back 2 days later). 

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You should apply as early as you have a strong application. Some schools waive application fees if you apply earlier so check that if you would be ready by then. 

Typically, AdComms don't meet until applications are ready so applying earlier wouldn't make a difference for them. 

I would suggest strengthening your application by taking informally to potential POIs and using that in your application materials. Good luck. 

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