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~2.9 GPA, different undergrad, plan of action?


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Clinical PhDs are very competitive, probably the most so of any psychology program. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you could only manage a 2.9 GPA in undergraduate, it is doubtful that any reputable program would give you much of a chance against more competitive applicants as your application stands. Do you want to get a psychology degree to practice or do research? If you would like to practice, it might be good to consider master level degrees that allow you to practice, that are less stringent in their admissions requirement. Some even think that those degrees are a better option financially.

For research, a PhD is almost obligatory if you would like to have any sort of control of your own research. If you choose to go down that road you might want to apply to a general experimental masters program. In that case, your ideal situation, as I see it, is that if you can up you GPA dramatically,  into the 3.5+ range, score well on the GRE, and get some service down you can start looking at clinical PhDs.

Sorry to be so severe, but it may be a tough road going forward if you choose that route. That being said, that doesn't mean it would be unachievable! : )

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I agree that you should go for a Master's program to boost your credentials. You'll also need a very high GRE score to make up for the low GPA. Did you at least have an upward trend? If you had a rough start, it's something you could address in your personal statement.


If you don't think your credentials are up to snuff after that, you could also try applying for a PsyD, but those don't receive nearly as much funding (I believe). The clinical route is very difficult - it's as competitive as med school, but with less spots.


If you're considering other branches of Psychology for a PhD, you should still bring up your GPA and get as much research experience as you can.

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