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PhD programs to go into industry ?!?!


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Background on me; I am about to graduate undergrad with bachelors in bio/math/neuro and I ultimately want to end up as a research scientists at a biotech company or in industry. My interests are in cell molecular biology or neurobiology so the target is likely pharm companies or other therapeutic development companies, but I’m obviously open to other ideas. 

The actual question: I know I will need to get a PhD but I am wanting to position myself in the best environment to facilitate that transition to industry. I have the impression that many academic PhD programs prime students for the post-doc/faculty pipeline, and lack faculty that have hands on industry experience. Are there phd programs that are known to cater more toward students seeking industry jobs? Programs whose faculty collaborate often with companies/ industry leaders? If so, how do I find them?? 

((if this thread exists already my apologies and please take me to it via comments- thanks! )) 

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I'm not sure about specific programs, but there are definitely certain PIs who collaborate more with companies. I'm in a similar boat and was looking for this within my neuroscience program, and ended up with a PI who has consulted for a few pharma companies and runs clinical trials as part of her research! I'm sure you'll be able to find something similar in almost any program you end up in. Maybe look for some that are more interdisciplinary and would allow you to work with PIs in pharmacology departments? 

I know this wasn't part of your question, but I recommend mentioning that you're interested in transitioning to industry as early as possible: certainly before you decide on your lab, maybe as early as rotations. If you're set on an industry career, you don't want to wind up with a PI who is unfamiliar with -- or worse, discourages students from -- 'alternative' careers. 

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