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Ethics? Philosophy?


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Hi, I am little bit confused here. please help me out. If my interest of study/field contains keywords like 'Animal law', 'Animal rights theory' (through scope of utilitarianism or Kantian ethics and so on...) what would be my choice of program? I thought that it would be very close to bioethics but it seems like bioethics covers, in regard of animals, subjects as animal use in medical research. This is a bit more specific and narrow than what I have in my mind. 

Ecology? Philosophy? Ethics? Which is it?  Meanwhile, it doesn't seem like there are many programs that specifically deals with applied ethics only. There are some programs in Scotland specifically dealing with animal welfare but I don't know if I could move to Scotland for a long long study. I am non-US citizen and away - I attended and graduated from junior high and college in the US.

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These questions would normally be pursued in a Philosophy department. Ethics is a subfield of philosophy. (In some European schools, "Theoretical Philosophy" and "Practical Philosophy" are separate--ethics falls into the latter category). Use the following link to find the best programs in ethics, then take a look at some departmental websites to find out whether the professors and program at that department fit your interests:


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bhabhafk is spot-on. Biomedical ethics is almost entirely focused on ethics in the medical arena, and is thus primarily concerned with human beings and only tangentially with animals. Animal rights and animal ethics stuff is still mostly part of the applied ethics subfield, although it's made some recent(ish) inroads in political theory thanks to Will Kymlicka and others.

You won't find good, reputable programs that deal with applied ethics only. But you can find dozens with stellar reputations in that subfield. In addition to the PGR, think about the people whose articles you've read on the subject, and look at where they work. Look at who's cited in the SEP entry, and where they work. The program you want to attend is going to be one of the ones at which they work.

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