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Re-Applying to Programs (Previously Accepted)


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Long story short, some life things came up during my graduate school decision process and I'll be re-applying to history programs this fall. I was lucky enough to get accepted to a few great ones back in February/March, some of which I'll be re-applying to. 

Since my research interests have not changed, should I pretty much leave my SoP the way it is (besides adding a paragraph explaining why I previously said no to their offer, of course)? Should I get new recs? Or should I just use the same/similar application materials? I'm considering supplying a new writing sample, but I also don't want to jinx it. I've been in touch with one of the programs and they were understanding + gave some solid general advice, but I wasn't sure if any of you had some suggestions for re-application to a program that previously accepted you. 

Thanks so much in advance. It's been a weird year. 


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There will likely be a different admissions committee this year, and your application will be read in a new context — maybe they offered places to 6 Americanists and all of them accepted, in which case they might be offering a smaller number of Americanist spots this year, etc etc. My advice would be to get in touch with the prospective advisors who accepted you and to explain the situation—otherwise it’s going to be very strange for them to have your application re-appear on their desk. Professors are just humans and will understand (and if they don’t that might be a red flag anyway). As for recommendations I’d stick with what you had, unless your relationship with any of the recommenders has changed, or you’ve added anything significant to your CV. Good luck! 

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To dovetail with @ohsp's guidance. If those who had written your LoRs had provided support during your "weird year," and you've grown during the year, I would sound them out to see if they want to rewrite the LoRs. This is to say that relationships can remain the same as informed opinions of your ability to succeed as a graduate student may improve.

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