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How to ask prof to take me in as his grad student



Hey guys, sorry if this is a duplicate but I could really use some advice on how to properly ask my current summer research supervisor to take me as his masters student (research stream, and I'm not ruling out doing a PhD but at my school. It's impossible for me to do direct entry, although apparently transfer after one year of master's is easy).

He's not a big name prof in my department but I'm really interested in his research, and he said we could publish a conference paper based on what I'm working on this summer. Super chill guy to talk to as well. My GPA is not great mostly due to first year and a few mandatory courses that are not in my areas of interest. There's a decent chance I can get to a 3.5 CGPA at the end of undergrad (3.4 right now). I'd love to go to better programs in the US, but realistically I probably won't get in, but I'm perfectly happy with just doing masters with him first.

I'd appreciate any advice on this, thanks a lot!

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I haven't asked such of a professor yet (maybe I did as part of an inquiry email, but I don't see it as counting since I haven't been accepted yet). However, from what I've learned from asking for things from professors in the past, just ask the professor. No need to sugarcoat anything or make you request super long; he's a busy man. I do recommend having a copy of your resume/CV handy to offer to him. Feel free to tell him your plans and how you feel about your chances of getting into those other programs (just don't say they're better; it might offend him). 

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