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  1. I don't think it will be impossible to get into a master's program with a low GPA (it may be difficult though). I have this opinion because I'm proof that it is possible. I had and will have a GPA below a 3.0, and I applied to both my graduate school's PhD and MS programs for my area of study. The institution requires that students have a 3.0 or higher in order to be admitted, but I managed to get accepted into their MS program. I think what helped me out the most in getting accepted into my school was my research experience, that one of my recommenders was an alumni of the school, and my GRE- which was above the program's average for admitted students. SmallBean is correct in that programs take many things into consideration. It will greatly help you out if other areas of your application are stronger than your GPA. Don't give up.
  2. I actually found much cheaper off-campus options where I will be studying, so I might end up living in an off-campus house. I have done something similar before during my early undergraduate years where I stayed in a university dormitory that was literally a house. I think I can make it work if ultimately live off-campus.
  3. I am sort of concerned. I don't have a divers license or a car either, but I would love to get one if my housing bill does not eat up most of my funds.
  4. Thank you. I somehow didn't get a notification about your reply. I wish I read your post sooner though. I went ahead and asked another professor if he was interested, and he responded within a day. I'll follow up with the professor I was concerned about though.
  5. After I was accepted and was given the information I needed to apply for housing, I found out that every on-campus option was waitlisted. I checked out some of the off campus options close by, and I saw that they costed over $1,000 month in rent- which I just think is ridiculous. So, I am open to both on-campus and off-campus options. I would prefer on-campus housing because of the price of the off-campus options I viewed, but I like the extra privacy that off-campus housing could provide.
  6. I have a quest I have a question for this topic too: should we include the dollar amount?
  7. That's crazy that you haven't gotten a response by now. Perhaps you could try the associate graduate director, and then the graduate coordinator. Have you tried researching the department's webpage for funding opportunities, and even updates on how quickly they are able to respond to inquiries?
  8. Hi everyone. I got into Georgia State University on April 17th. I decided to take a thesis MS track afterwards, and so I need to find a lab to join. I emailed one professor last week (I did mention my interest in working in his lab in my SOP), but he hs yet to respond. I understand if it is because he is busy, or of the pandemic, but should I take this as a bad sign from the guy? I read that MS students typically join a lab during their first semester, but is it too really late to be asking to join labs?
  9. This is late, so I hope you heard back by now. I think it is possible. I actually got into a school on the 17th of April, and I was offered to go to a different school around the week of May 17th. I also asked the department chair of my program about my application, but he could not answer me. This was because he lacked access to my file because they were at the institution, which he could not get to- likely because of the pandemic' leading to school closures. Don't lose hope if you have not gotten results by now. I thought I would end up considering other options prior to April 17th.
  10. Have any of you applied to Emory's Biochemistry, Cell, and Developmental Biology Program? I'm still waiting to hear back from them.
  11. Uchuuko

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    It is (I ended up checking what you said, and it turns out I was right the first time; thank you so much). I will tell my references this right away. Now I feel less worried, but I still have so much to finish. I haven't finished my proposal yet. 😫
  12. Uchuuko

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    I'm scared about this right now. I told two of my recommenders at least a week ago that I wanted them to submit references for me, but I initially gave them the wrong date of November 1st to have their references submitted. I did message them correcting myself though. I hope it isn't too much trouble for them to have them sent in sooner. But the sad thing is that I totally forgot about the due date being in October... I need to have my draft statements ready to be reviews asap.
  13. I haven't asked such of a professor yet (maybe I did as part of an inquiry email, but I don't see it as counting since I haven't been accepted yet). However, from what I've learned from asking for things from professors in the past, just ask the professor. No need to sugarcoat anything or make you request super long; he's a busy man. I do recommend having a copy of your resume/CV handy to offer to him. Feel free to tell him your plans and how you feel about your chances of getting into those other programs (just don't say they're better; it might offend him).
  14. I will be applying to graduate school for entry for Fall 2020. I want to obtain a PhD in biochemistry (or a very similar field; I just want the program to have 'biochemistry' in its name and I'm fine as long as it has a lot to do with biochemistry). I'm in Georgia, and the two schools I've been looking at are Emory and GATech. I'm concerned because I do not want to leave Georgia at this time, and I also no longer feel like taking the GRE particularly since neither of the school I have mentioned look at them. My GPA is on the low side, but my resume is much better. A highlight of said resume is that I am currently (but have been) doing research in computational biochemistry, and I have presented the work I have done at a conference this past May. I will also be TAing for this semester, though it will be for a general chemistry course. So far I have 2/3 professors who will write letters of recommendation for me; I have not yet determined my third.
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